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Home Security Cameras

Who says you can’t be everywhere at once? With OS Technologies Home Camera Video Solutions, you can view live video of your home from anywhere for all-the-time peace of mind.


Professionally Installed Home Security Cameras

OS Technologies provides fully integrated security camera solutions for the ultimate in protection for your home and family.

We use Total Connect Integrated Security Cameras, the industry’s leading and most advanced home security camera system. Developed by Honeywell, this system integrates and connects easily with the widest range of applications.


The cameras sync with your security system and Total Connect 2.0 mobile app to create a complete package for alarm and surveillance of your home.


Events are recorded with motion detection and stored on the cloud in clips to easily access from the Total Connect app. Each event can create a push notification to alert you in real time what activity is going on outside or inside of your home.


The Outdoor Total Connect camera records at a high definition 1080p resolution with low light/night vision for dark environments at 30 frames per second. It is outdoor rated and connects to the security system via Wifi.